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RED stands for: Remember Everyone Deployed.​ Originally a main focus in Canada, "people have worn red on Fridays to show support for troops serving in the Canadian Forces. Red was chosen because it is an official Canadian color, and historically is a color of remembrance because it symbolizes the red poppies in Flanders Fields and the loss of life that the country has endured." (Wikipedia)

​In the United States it is referred to as "Red Friday," and we wear red to show our support for all members of the armed forces abroad, regardless of the circumstances under which they were deployed.

The sole mission of wearing RED on Friday is to unite the country in supporting a cause to protect our freedom and those who protect it.

​Our Inspiration...


The holiday season is soon approaching when we take time to remember our loved ones, neighbors, friends, and the ones we have lost while in service. RED is not only a powerful color, but it is now something that holds meaning to this country. We Believe in supporting our Troops and supporting our country. Take the time to thank a veteran, hug a friend who has served, and wear RED on Friday's (or any day), to show your support. Believe in those who risk their lives to keep us safe!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!