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What can I consign?
          Current season and style Junior's and Women's clothing, shoes, and jewelry. Items must be clean and in good condition. 

          We do not accept items showing too much wear. 

When do I get paid?

           At the end of the 60-90 day consignment period contact Believe It! to discuss payment options.

Where do I drop off my items?

           All items must be dropped off and picked up at our retail store at 1543 Old Route 22, Lenhartsville, PA. 

          *Please make an appointment prior to dropping off items. No items will be taken through the month of January 2020

Do I need to pick up my items if they don't sell after the consignment period?

          Only if you want your items returned to you. If not, we'll gladly accept them as part of our inventory to donate or resell.

How do I get started?
          You can fill out the consignment form and bring it to the store.  Download PDF
           *Please make an appointment prior to dropping off items.

Do I need to price my items?

          No, if you are not sure what price to put on each item, let us help! We'll do our best to get you the most for your items. 

          Please let us know if there is a minimum amount you would like for any particular item. 

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